Would Mom Rather? Mother’s Day Game!

Looking for a really fun game for teaching and reviewing your Mother’s Day song picks? This is it! This Would Mom Rather? Game includes 8 fun questions geared towards women.

You can also use these cards to expand your set with the Kids Edition of Would You Rather cards!

If you’re looking for more Primary review games, this is another fun one: Balloon Bounce Primary Song Review Game!

Would Mom Rather? Game Primary Review Game printable lesson plan

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Would Mom Rather?
Mother’s Day Game

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This song can be played to review ANY Primary song, but I’ve especially designed it to have fun with your LDS Primary Mother’s Day songs! I have included a variety of Would Mom Rather game card questions. Plus, check out our other sets of Would Dad Rather and Would You Rather (Kids Edition) cards!

The answers are also sure to be hilarious! I love seeing how kids answer questions (especially if I have my own kids in the mix!)

Mother’s Day Songs to Use This With:


  • Print out the Would She Rather Cards on thick cardstock paper.
  • You can select to print on both sides of the page (flipping on the long edge) pages 2-3. This will give you cards with a back design!
  • If you have alignment issues, print the front then load that paper into your printer and print the backs!
  • Cut them out, and laminate to preserve them for later!
Would Mom Rather? Game questions and printable lesson plan for Primary Singing time

How to Play Would Mom Rather? Game

  • Tell the children to picture someone extra special in their life they want to sing to this Mother’s Day. It could be your mom or an aunt, grandma, step-parent, special teacher, etc.
  • Ask the children to keep their special person in mind for the whole game! Think of them as you answer each of the Would She Rather card questions!
  • Have a child come up and select one of the Would She Rather Cards. Let them read it out loud.
  • Have the children that pick option 1 sing the verse, and children that pick option 2 sing the chorus.
  • Repeat by picking a new volunteer, the next Would She Rather card, and sing through the song again!

Extension / Alternative Activities:

  • Add additional Would You Rather cards from our Dad set or Kids set to add variety!
  • Alternate songs and have a volunteer pick one of your Primary Program songs for each question!  
  • Other Ways to Mix and Match Singing:
    • Have Option 1 sing the 1st verse, while Option 2 sings the 2nd verse
    • Alternate singing every other line
    • Have any children that MATCH the volunteer’s selection sing, everyone else whisper sings.
    • Take turns singing – who sang it “best” (most enthusiastic, loudest, cheerful, etc)?

Printable Would Mom Rather questions game for Mother's Day!

Would Mom / She Rather:

  • Get Manicure or Haircut
  • Eat Chocolate or a Donut
  • Play Card Game or do a Puzzle
  • Go to the Beach or Theme Park
  • Play Volleyball or Go for a Walk
  • Wear a Dress or Leggings
  • Wear Earrings or Necklace
  • Wake up Early or Stay up Late

Would Mom Rather Printable Game Cards

We’ve made it easy to get started using these Would Mom Rather game in Primary (or just for a fun Mother’s Day game at home!) Just print out the pages including the 8 Mom-focused Would You Rather questions.

Would Mom Rather? Mother's Day Game! Easy ideas for Music Leaders Would You Rather Game 20220114 131842

Cut out the cards and laminate them! I absolutely love having a laminator, it saves my files so I can reuse them year after year! It’s such a cheap way to preserve your props and printables!

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What other fun questions for mom could you add to this Would Mom Rather game?

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