Away in a Manger – Flip Chart

Away in a Manger is probably my favorite of the Children’s Songbook Christmas Songs. It’s a perfect one to teach to the kids, too, as it’s in the Hymn book and a popular one sung throughout the Christmas season.

The kids will love knowing this song when it comes up for caroling, in sacrament meeting, and at other times through the season. With this colorful and condensed Away in a Manger Flip Chart you’ll be able to help the kids quickly learn the song, even if you’re short on weeks to teach it!

Plus, the fun echo chorus is easier to lead with the color-coded parts! Just assign one side of the room to red and the other to green and then switch!

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Away in a Manger Flip Chart Pages

Away in a Manger Printable
Singing Time Flip Chart

The flip chart for Away in a Manger is just 1-page per verse and a single page for the chorus. This makes it really easy to use just the verses you need and know exactly when to flip the page!

Away in a Manger Flip Chart Pages

I’ve shared some of my favorite hacks to get the most out of your Primary Singing Time Flip Charts. That’s a really helpful post for both new and long-time music leaders!

This colorful flip chart highlights some of the keywords throughout the song to help guide along early readers and grab the interest of visual learners!

Click here —> Print Away in a Manger Flip Chart

Away in a Manger
Black and White Flip Chart

While I LOVE using color on my flip charts, sometimes you need something ink saving or just simple to get the job done. If you are flipping a notebook over the podium or presenting this song in the chapel, you might choose to use this more simplistic flip chart.

It’s still just 1-page per verse with as large of font as that would allow. I found that more pages just made it confusing when to flip and a lot of excess pages to deal with when I was a music leader, so I’m all about simplicity! It’s also in landscape orientation, to match the other flip charts in the series!

Click here —> Print Away in a Manger Landscape Flip Chart

What’s your favorite Primary Christmas Song? Leave any feedback in the comments below!

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