Primary Pals Pennant Banner

Back to School Primary Pals fun singing time idea. Use it as a get to know you game or to pick your helpers. Make a cute banner to decorate your Primary room!

Are you looking for a fun way to better get to know your Primary children? It would be perfect for a newly called music leader or use it as a fun way to pick a helper! Use this as one … Read now

25 Women in the Scriptures Info Cards

Women in the Scriptures Info Cards with a scripture verse for 25 different women from the New Testament, Old Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants. Singing time lesson plan LDS Primary music leaders for Mother's Day.

Do you want to better get to know the many different women in the scriptures? You’ll love these printable info cards with custom art and a scripture for each of their stories. Use different stories of women from the scriptures … Read now

How to Use ASL Sign Language to Teach a Song

How to Use Sign Language in Primary to teach a song! Resource list of all the LDS Primary songs from the Children's Songbook, Hymn book, and songs published in the Friend magazine that have helpful tutorial videos for using ASL sign language and simplified sign language to teach the lyrics of the song with purposeful movement and a meaningful representation of the words!

One of the resources that I really love to use in Primary is to teach the children the songs with ASL (American Sign Language). I’ll show you today some simple ways for how to use ASL sign language to teach … Read now

How to Prepare for Singing Time

How to Prepare for Singing Time - Help answers to common Primary Music Leader questions including how much time do you spend preparing, how far in advance to you prep, do you use flip charts, how much is your Primary budget and more! With answers from real LDS Primary choristers to provide super fascinating answers you'll love to read through.

You’ve made it to the final part of the Primary Survey! This is a 4-post series that answers the most frequently asked Primary questions with results from actual music leaders!! I originally complied the data and wrote one MASSIVE post … Read now

How Many Primary Songs Should I Teach?

How Many Primary Songs should I teach? You'll love this DEEP dive into the most commonly asked questions from Primary Music Leaders such as how many songs they typically teach on a typical Sunday, if they sing transition or extra songs, how many verses to teach, and if they teach special songs! The answers are results from a survey with stats that are SO fascinating!

I conducted a fun and thorough Primary Survey with 17 FAQ’s and common questions about a year ago. The post was JAM-PACKED with information. But, I think it was a little too much for one post and hard to share … Read now

Music Practice Tracker & Rewards Chart Printable

My Printable Music Tracker Sheet and piano log with rewards chart to mark progress towards a goal!

Are you looking for a way to help encourage the children to practice and sing your Primary songs leading up to the Primary Program? This cute Music Practice Tracker and rewards chart can help encourage spending more time with music … Read now

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