Pioneer Mormon Trail Stops Review Game

Here’s a fun themed activity you can use for Pioneer Day to show what a piece of their Pioneer’s journey would have looked like. Or, use it to review all of your Program songs as you count down along the route in this Pioneer Mormon Trail Stops review activity.

Pioneer Mormon Trail stops along the route fun Primary singing time review game to review all of your Primary Program songs or sing some fun Pioneer songs! Printables for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Pioneer Mormon Trail Singing Time Game

How to Play:

Pick out an assortment of songs to sing or review or choose a mix of Primary Pioneer songs.

Prepare your whiteboard or chalkboard for the trail. You can mark the spots along the route with a place holder so you know you’ve got your spacing ready to go to fit all the stops. Don’t forget to start on the far right side of the board and head WEST!  

Pioneer Mormon Trail stops along the route

Add the first stop along the trail and a little introduction of what the stop was for, then sing through your song of choice.

Continue to make your way from stop to stop with a song in-between!

Pioneer Mormon Trail full page and 1/4 page

10 Mormon Trail Stops:

  1. Sugar Creek – A major river crossing from the Mississippi river into Iowa.
  2. Winter Quarters – A settlement to say during the winter along the Missouri river.
  3. Fort Kearny – An important stopping point along the route to resupply and rest.
  4. Chimney Rock – This was the largest landmark that was passed by along the route.
  5. Fort Laramie – Stop here to restock and prepare for the next leg of the trail.
  6. Independence Rock – Mark your progress on the trail as you see this huge rock formation.
  7. Fort Bridger – Here the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails split in 3 directions.
  8. Echo Canyon – The largest canyon crossing with deep and narrow paths to navigate.
  9. Big Mountain – Take in the view at the highest point along the trail, you’re almost there.
  10. Salt Lake Valley – The final stop was as the Pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley.
Pioneer Mormon Trail cut out and in order

Clues about each stop:

  1. Sugar Creek – You’ve reached a river crossing, what will you need?
  2. Winter Quarters – Whether it’s summer or winter, you could stay here.
  3. Fort Kearny – You’ll need to restock supplies, take a stop at this fort with trees.
  4. Chimney Rock – Look at the landmark in the distance! It’s pointing to the sky!
  5. Fort Laramie – We need to stop for food and spare parts, head to this large fort next!
  6. Independence Rock – Here’s another massive rock on the route. What’s this one called?
  7. Fort Bridger – This last fort is where 3 trails split off.
  8. Echo Canyon – We’ll head into a canyon, we are getting close, can you find the spot?
  9. Big Mountain – It’s time to cross the highest point along the trail, where are we now?
  10. Salt Lake Valley – We’ve made it, what do you spot down below?
Flip over Mormon Pioneer Trail stop numbers with destination

Extension Activities:

  • Read a clue and have the children find the correct next stop and add it to the board!
  • Use the Mormon Trail as a program review over several weeks! Write the title of each song on a covered wagon and start them all at the beginning of the map. Move the song along the trail with how well the singing went! Or roll a dice and move that many stops.
  • To learn more about the Mormon Trail and stops along the way, this article was very informative:
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Pioneer Mormon Trail Review Game Printables

The free in-post printables for this activity includes 1/4 sheet 5 stops along the route and a cute covered wagon to mark your progress along the trail.

Pioneer Mormon Trail 5 different stops and covered wagon
Pioneer Mormon Trail Stops Review Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

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Pioneer Mormon Trail Stops Review Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Pioneer Day Mormon Trail Review Game

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Pioneer family cut outs with supplies for a pioneer day singing time game

What other fun ways could you extend this activity in your Primary room?

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