20 Faith Singing Time Ideas

Faith singing time ideas - Easy ways to teach the LDS Primary song Faith with printable song helps, lesson plans, and fun teaching activities the kids will love! Great resource for Primary music leaders, presidencies and families for use with Come Follow Me.

I’m excited to help you jump right in teaching with all these Faith singing time ideas! This LDS Primary song (“Faith is like a little seed…”) is a great song to teach the importance of receiving a personal testimony by … Read now

Faith Dance Scarves Team Challenge

Try this fun Faith Primary Song Team Dance Scarves activity in singing time with each group performing part of the song while using dance scarves pattern for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament.

Your primary kids will just LOVE this fun Faith Dance Scarves Team Challenge! This activity is great because it fits under TWO of our learning styles: people interactions AND movement! For this team challenge, I’ll be splitting the class into … Read now

Faith Song Egg Shakers

You will love this fun Faith Song Egg Shakers living music activity with 5 different actions to use with egg shakers for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching this Come Follow Me New Testament Song.

You will love this fun Faith Song Egg Shakers activity! This living music primary idea is a great way to utilize cheap, easy-to-play instruments in singing time! This post includes a printable egg shaker pattern & a demo video to … Read now

Faith Testimony Ingredients (2nd Verse)

Faith Testimony Ingredients - Compare the simple ingredients a plant needs to grow and thrive with the ingredients of our testimony from the 2nd verses of the LDS Children's Songbook song Faith. Fun singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders with printable visual aids.

Do you know what Faith Testimony Ingredients you need? You can use this sweet Primary song to teach the children important and eternal truths about the plan of salvation, where we go when we die, who we can rely on, … Read now

Faith Song Coloring Page

Use this fun & simple Faith Primary Song Coloring Page to review this Come Follow Me New Testament primary song and learn how to build faith while coloring pictures for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Use this simple Faith Song Coloring Page activity while you review Faith this month in primary! This visual activity is a great way to help your primary kids visualize the symbolism behind this song! I’ve included two different printable coloring … Read now

Faith Song Word Search

Use this fun Faith Word Search game to find all the hidden words about faith while you sing this Come Follow Me New Testament song for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Review Faith in singing time this month with this Faith Song Word Search! This simple word representations activity is a great way to review this sweet primary song while working together to solve this word puzzle! This word search has … Read now

Faith Song Color Clues

LDS Song Faith Color Clues singing time idea fun way to help teach the song line by line and decode the different colors and symbols to add in lots of fun and meaningful repetition! Great teaching aids for Primary music leaders / Primary choristers.

The Faith Song is included as one of the songs to teach as part of April New Testament song picks. It’s also is included in the Book of Mormon Primary Songs list! Will you be teaching it this year? I’m … Read now

Faith Flip Chart & Lyrics

Faith Song Primary Flip Chart printable options with colorful, black and white, and a slideshow flipchart for LDS Primary Music Leaders singing time helps!

If you’re teaching the Faith Song (archives) this year, this printable colorful flip chart will help you teach this song in your Primary! It’s a beautiful song for teaching about how to grow and develop faith and who we should … Read now

Faith Learn to Draw

Faith Learn to Draw Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Faith Learn to Draw 20220405 132705

Faith Learn to Draw singing time ideas to teach Faith LDS Primary song with printable song helps drawing, color, trace idea for music leaders or Come Follow Me

Faith Summer Olympics + Sports Yoga Cards

Faith Summer Olympics + Sports Yoga Cards Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq Faith Summer Olympic Yoga 20220125 143526

The Olympics are always a really special and fun event to look forward to! So, I made this fun set of Faith Summer Olympics + Sports yoga cards! They are versatile to be used for a variety of fun activities … Read now

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