15+ St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas

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If you love celebrating the holidays with your Primary children, this post is perfect for you! I’ve compiled my favorite St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas into one post so they are easy to find and implement.

Some of the St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas will link you to printable lesson plans right here on this blog. Others are from other Primary bloggers we love! Still, some of the ideas I’ve only shared here, so read on through the whole list to find some fun activities to do in March during Singing Time!

You may also want to visit our post on 45 St Patrick’s Day Primary Songs to help you plan out the perfect list of songs to include!

Fun St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary songs. Includes printable ideas and exclusive review games for Music Leaders and teachers!

St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas

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1. St Patrick’s Day Fortune Teller

All eyes will be on you with this printable St Patrick’s Day Fortune Teller or the MONSTER sized poster board version! It includes a variety of fun ways to sing and singing time actions

St Patrick's Day Fortune Teller Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

2. St Patrick’s Day Hidden Clovers

In this fun St Patrick’s Day Hidden Clovers game I have included a variety of Irish trivia, jokes, simple fun actions, and songs to sing in this unique spin on the Sing or Dare game! You can also repurpose the printable clovers to come up with your own fun games for St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day Hidden Clovers Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

3. Rainbow Ribbon Wands for St Patrick’s Day

Another favorite choice is to pull out your Rainbow colored Ribbon Wands for St Patrick’s Day singing time! You can pair them with When I Am Baptized or any other song you choose while turning the room into a rainbow of color.

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Check out our reusable Ribbon Wand Action Cards to help you make the most of using Ribbon Wands in Singing Time! The set includes 32 fun actions with 2 sizes of printable cards.

Printable ribbon wand action cards for singing time and music activities! Or great for movement break from learning! Created for LDS Primary Music Leaders and families to correlate with my free lesson plans!

4. Song Quiz with St Patrick’s Day Primary Songs

Test their knowledge with this fun Song Quiz Game for St Patrick’s Day! Each line includes a clue and then a scrambled set of letters. Solve the letters, then decode what song you’ll be singing! There’s some fun unique song lyrics over here you may want to grab, too!

St Patrick's Day Song Quiz Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

5. Pass the Irish Hot Potato!

Bring in a literal potato!! Kids love the silly ideas best, from my experience. Ireland and potatoes go hand and hand as it was one of their main food sources through the major world wars. They use potatoes in a ton of Irish dishes. So, for a fun way to sing through whatever songs you want and just have a slight nod to St Patrick’s day, you can play a game of hot potato!

As a substitute, you can use a bean bag or a small ball. Sing through a song and have the children pass the potato down their row until the song ends. The child at the end is “out”.

Hot Potato Singing Time Review Game for LDS Primary Music Leaders. Pass the hot potato and if it stop on you, you're out! Plus lots of fun twists on how to play to make it more interactive for music teachers.

A few ideas for Hot Potato:

  • Stop the song randomly
  • Speed up the song at the end as you get closer and closer like a countdown timer
  • Let the child that is out get to pick the next song!
  • Use a small group of 5-7 volunteers to play up front to help the game be a little more focused. You can rotate the volunteers each time you sing through the song.
  • Give a point to each side of the room that doesn’t get someone “out” to help it feel more inclusive of the whole room and not really eliminate any of the children.
  • Have them pass the potato on each WORD instead of as fast as they can.
  • Have select keywords picked out and give a rolo to each child if the potato is on them for the special keyword!

6. Pot of Gold Cornhole Toss

Decorate your cornhole game with a variety of clovers with different Primary songs listed on each one. Then, add a pot of gold picture on the actual cornhole spot!

If they land a bean bag in the pot of gold, you could pass out a prize like a gold coin, a rolo, or let them pick any song they’d like to sing! Otherwise, sing the song for whatever shamrock they land on.

7. Lucky VS Blessed

I adore this cute idea by Camille’s Primary Ideas for a Lucky vs Blessed St Patrick’s Day singing time. It talks about some of the symbols of luck and also contrasts that with all the things we are blessed with.

Lucky vs Blessed

8. Use Jingle Bells in Singing Time

If you’re looking to add a fun instrument into your St Patrick’s Day Singing Time, jingle bells are the perfect choice! They’re so much fun and they are also perfectly on theme.

The golden bells will fit in with a bunch of the themed songs for the day, too. Consider shaking on each word and then with the beat!

15+ St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07V5GNFFS&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=primarysinging 20&language=en US15+ St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders ir?t=primarysinging 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07V5GNFFS

This rainbow pack of Jingle Bell bracelets also tie in the rainbow theme! Or, you can go for the Christmas colors Jingle Bells and pass out green ones to the children that aren’t wearing green!

9. St Patrick’s Day Roll a Rainbow Game

Roll a dice then color in or add a cut out piece to your rainbow! This cute Roll a Rainbow St Patrick’s Day game was inspired by the original Cootie game where you rolled a dice to build a bug. Now, you get to build a rainbow while you sing a variety of fun Primary songs!

St Patrick's Day Roll a Rainbow Game Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

10. Penny, Penny, Who’s Got the Penny

Did anyone else play this game with your family for FHE? It was a recurring family game in my house, we played it at least once a month all through my childhood. I’ll do my best to try to explain how it works here!

One person starts with a penny between two hands. They’ll hold their hands flat together with the penny pressed inside their palms.

They will then go from person to person sliding their hands between the other person’s two hands (also held straight with palms together). They’ll release and drop the penny into one person’s hand, randomly, or keep it in their own hand.

Penny Penny Who's Got the Penny - Primary Singing Time Review Game using just a single penny for a fun interactive way to review LDS Primary Songs!

After they’ve passed through all the participants, everyone tries to guess who has the penny!

For Primary, call up 4-6 helpers to come up front. Give one person the penny. Then have the Primary kids try to guess (they’ll have to agree or pick one volunteer to guess) who has the penny.

If the child is correct, then they pick a song or a fun way to sing. Otherwise, you sing the prepicked song as is.

11. What Comes Next St Patrick’s Day Sequences

This adorable What Comes Next St Patrick’s Day Game is a perfect way to add in the fun of this holiday into your music time with our 6 selected songs or your own mix of songs! We’ve paired the sequence patterns to the first few notes to add in a fun way to teach music theory at the same time!

St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

12. Taste the Rainbow

Have the child grab a skittle blind (no peeking!). Let them eat the skittle. If there are allergies they can hold it with their palm closed. Then, try to guess the color! If you guess correctly, child picks the song. Otherwise, it’s the color selected.

Now, don’t mind my picture below! I freeze dry my Skittles, so it’s all I had on hand. Did you know you can freeze dry at home(affiliate link)? I don’t usually do candy, but it is a fun treat! If you want all the details on that crazy part of my life, I do have a tiny blog for my freeze drying adventures you can check out as well. 🙂

St Patrick's Day Skittles Review Game Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

13. I’m Seeing Green!

Bring in a baking sheet or a sensory bin filled with an assortment of green items. Then, assign a song title to each of your green objects. You can either hide the objects around the room or simply let the children pick one from the tray. Sing the matching song!

Some ideas for green objects include: Sock, pencil, plant, picture, ball, rubber band, apple, shirt, lego, green bean, toy dinosaur, bell pepper, clover, crayon, etc.

14. Lucky Charms Ways to Sing Review Game for St Patrick’s Day

Sing through one song over and over or add in a mix of songs with this multi-purpose Lucky Charms Ways to Sing Review Game! There’s several fun ways to play and cute included cards or blank options to add your own actions or song titles. This fun game can be used any time of the year, but it’s great for St Patrick’s Day to add in some holiday fun, while using your own custom song list.

St Patrick's Day Lucky Charms Review Game Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders

15. Sing a Rainbow

How cute is this Sing a Rainbow poster by I Heart Primary Music? Her post has a darling leprechaun to use, but not a rainbow. You can grab our printable rainbow above or make your own on the whiteboard with some colorful markers! Then, the kids follow what the Leprechaun is pointing to. See the full idea in her post!

Sing a Rainbow

16. Leprechaun Treasure Hunt Rhymes

Use these cute rhyming clues created by Richelle Lee and shared with permission to start your own Leprechaun treasure hunt! She came up with 11 different fun locations to hide a clue and an adorable poem to get started with the activity.

15+ St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Leprechaun Hunt

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More St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas

Looking for even more ways to incorporate St Patrick’s Day in your Primary Singing Time? You don’t have to do anything super over the top! There are a ton of printable singing time lesson plans on this blog, so pick an activity that naturally fits in with the theme and give just a little nod to the holiday this year.

Here are some of our lesson plans that focus on a specific song that would be great to use for a St Patrick’s Day Singing Time:

when I am baptized  paper plates band LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Ideas

Head over next to see tons of fun and unique Easter Singing Time Ideas!

15+ St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Easter Singing Time Ideas

What do you have planned as a St Patrick’s Day Singing Time for your Primary? Do you have other fun ideas? Share them in the comments below to add to this list!

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